13.06 sobota - BLACK COFFEE + OSAKA VACUUM - koncert zespołów inspirujących się muzyką Johna Lurie

Sobota, 13.06.2015, start: 20:00
Klubojadalnia Eufemia, Krakowskie Przedmieście 5, pod ASP
Wstęp wolny

Black Coffee, Osaka Vacuum - plenerowy koncert zespołów inspirujących się muzyką Johna Lurie, towarzyszący wystawie "John Lurie. Próbuję myśleć. Proszę, bądź cicho".

Black Coffee and Osaka Vacuum - an open-air concert by bands inspired by the music of John Lurie, accompanying the exhibition "John Lurie. I am trying to think. Please be quiet".

Osaka Vacuum (Ray Dickaty – saksofon tenorowy, Mikołaj Pałosz – wiolonczela, Pawel Szpura – perksuja)

Three Players that are very well known on the Warsaw scene, Osaka Vacuum is a project devised by Ray Dickaty (saxophones) and Mikolaj Palosz (cello) to explore instant composing and free improvisational music making.
Both Mikolaj and Ray have performed as a duo on several occasions and through joining with Pawel Szpura they together form the powehouse trio Osaka Vacuum.
The result is an uncompromising mix of Saxophone, Cello and Drums performing music that at times borders on contemporary classical using sound to suggest textures and at the other extreme free jazz at its most soulful and what may be termed “fire music”.
The first full length CD release “Emerging View” is available from Slowdown Records and Sepent.pl
Slowdown Records: www.slowdownrecords.com
Ray Dickaty : www.raydickaty.com
Mikolaj Palosz : www.cellovator.com
The Concert at Eufemia will be the first time in 2 years that Osaka Vacuum have performed live. It was felt appropriate that the Trio should reform for this special occasion, the exhibition of the paintings of John Lurie.

Black Coffee (Maciej Żychowicz – gitara, wokal, Stanisław Legus – perksuja, Jakub Tyro-Niezgoda – bas, gościnnie Natan Kryszk – saksofon)

In our experiments, we explore the area beyond guitar music's dead end.
So did Radiohead. So in the end it doesn't mean a thing, fuck off.
But sometimes getting beyond guitar music's dead end (sic) may be too much for three schlubs with bass, drums and a guitar. So we incorporate, that will be the case. Phil Collins anyway.
(Michael Rome, MNE, 2015)

Maciej Żychowicz
Stanisław Legus
Jakub Tyro-Niezgoda
Natan Kryszk

Grają prostoduszną, niesympatyczną muzykę. Piszą opisy z nadzieją, że przeczyta je John Lurie albo lepiej. Lubili podróże i internet ;(

Grafika powyżej:

Bizon, 2005, akwarela, tusz, papier, 25 × 35 cm
Bison, 2005, watercolour and ink on paper, 10’’ × 14’’,

dzięki uprzejmości Johna Lurie / courtesy of John Lurie

Wydarzenie zrealizowano dzięki wsparciu finansowemu miasta stołecznego Warszawy.

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